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Hessiche Barockpauken™

(Hessian Baroque Timpani)


(Classical Viennese Timpani)

Hessische Barockpauken™ (Hessian Baroque Timpani) are carefully measured copies of actual Baroque drums dating from approximately 1700 - from the Hessian State that includes Darmstadt, Germany. These instruments are historically appropriate for the music of Bach, Handel and other composers of the Baroque era. 

Built as historically informed instruments for the music of the late Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Century, especially suitable for Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. 

Hessiche Barockpauken 

Now Available

Hessische Barockpauken (Hessian Baroque Timpani) 

Hessische Barockpauken™ (Hessian Baroque Timpani) are carefully measured copies of actual Baroque drums dating from approximately 1700 - from the Hessian Statethat includes Darmstadt, Germany. These instruments are historically appropriate for the music of Bach, Handel and other composers of the Baroque era. When you look at a violin, you don’t know if it’s a great sounding Stradavarius until you hear it played! Such was the case with a pair of Baroque timpani I got to see, play on and hear a few years ago. HESSISCHE BAROCKPAUKEN™ are replicas of those great sounding drums. They match the originals in measurement and shape with the same kind of hardware and materials used by Baroque craftsman. 


Protective Covers 

Tuning Keys 

Natural Skin Heads 

Covers with felt backing and locking snaps are provided. 

Two tuning keys are provided. 

The drums come appropriately fitted with goatskin heads. 

Quadrapod Stands 

Folded and ready for travel. 

Easy Set Up Stands 

The bronze circle holds the quadrapod permanently at the proper fixed height. 

Legs Attached 

Three iron legs permanently attached so the Hessiche Barockpauken won't roll away! 

Blacksmith Joel Miller fabricating hardware and Schalltrichter.

Friends of Hessiche Barockpauken

Tom Pfotenhauer, Duncan Campbell, Peter Kogan & Bob Rieder 

At St Mary's Chapel, University Of St. Thomas 

She-E Wu 

Sam Bacco 

Thomas Schneller 

Jack Brennan 

Michael Rosen 

William Moersch 

John Tafoya 

Morris Lang with Alan Abel and Mrs.Abel 

Morris Lang 

John Beck 

Randy Rudolph 

Frank Epstein 

Michael Baker and Bill Youhass 

Alan Otte 

Tony Cirone 

Ndugu Chancler 

Peter Erskine and Bill Platt 

PASIC Booth 2017 

Michael Baker, Peter Kogan and Richard Weiner 

Bill Wiggins 

Jonathon Haas 

Stan Leonard 

Dave Hagedorn

Brian Spurgeon

Dave Hagedorn 

Brian Spurgeon 

PASIC Booth 2017 

Matt Strauss 

Richard Wiener 

Tom Akins 


Classical Viennese Timpani 


Klassischewienerpauken™ are appropriately sized based on the latest scholarship, and designed to sound really good! The drums are not replicas of specific instruments. They are rather what might have been built using the available technology of the late 1700’s. The hardware is primarily brass and bronze castings designed in 18th Century style by sculptor Brian Leo. The mounting system and goatskin heads are in the Viennese tradition. The stands and covers are also appropriately styled. Our “T” handles are removable for a more ancient look (and more challenging tuning) if desired. 

In the 20th Century we saw the harpsichord become a standard instrument in orchestral and opera performances of classical works. In recent years Classical era pianofortes have started replacing the giant Steinways in the Mozart Concertos. Baroque Era timpani are being built in Europe and the U.S. for “original instrument” ensembles. For Classical Era performances there is now Klassischewienerpauken™


A note from Peter Kogan 



For most of my career I have used smaller timpani with skin heads for Classical and Baroque music. In recent years I have mounted goat skins on my old Slingerland hand screws which seemed to improve the appropriateness of their sound, but I knew that the drums were a little too large to be authentic. So I decided to try building my own drums sized accurately for the Classical Era, but using everything I knew about timpani sound production to produce a beautiful tone.The first set of Klassischewienerpauken™ made their debut with the Minnesota Orchestra in Haydn Symphony No. 101 on May 21, 2009, winning great praise from my colleagues and conductor. I hope you will enjoy them too! 

A note from Brian Leo 

Crafted with Care.

My background is in sculpture and in recent decades the making of hardware and other decorative projects large and small. I realized when getting into this work, that by carefully going through the large holdings I have in antique period designs, we could use a few motives to aid and implement the current challenge: that of suggesting an 18th century timpani design with the decorative flourishes that would have been common then, but with a smoothly working mechanism for the contemporary timpanist to feel fully confident in using. And so we began to work on the project, using bronze cast elements, steel interfaces wherever needed, and machined surfaces where best suited. The several parts of the overall mechanism were crafted with care and have been tested for reliability and durability. We are proud of the partnership here, and as a music lover myself since my youth, I am proud to have the opportunity to add to the musical richness and authenticity that can help to advance this one part of the musical landscape. 

Our Guarantee 

Five Year Guarantee 

Klassischewienerpauken™ are guaranteed for five years against defects in parts and workmanship. This does not include inappropriate use, such as dropping the drums, or other accidents. In such cases we will replace and repair based on cost and labor. The goatskin heads are guaranteed for one year, but should last for many years with normal use. Not covered by the warrantee are dents in the bowls.

 Please be careful when setting the drums down — using the stands, not the floor. Copper is a soft metal and is easily dented.

We want our customers to be completely happy with Klassischewienerpauken™.

We are at your service, 

Peter Kogan & Brian Leo


Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Ordway Concert hall

Barry Bauguess, Peter Kogan and Rick Murrell 

Trey Wyatt 

Stanley Leonard 

Stanislaw Skoczynski 

Stan Leonard and 

Ed Stephan 

Salvatore Rabbio 

Richard Wiener 

Richard Brown 

Morris Lang 

Mark Yancich and 

Robin Engleman 

Mark Guthrie and 

Mark Yancich 

Mark Guthrie 

Jauvon Gilliam 

James Strebing 

Jack Brennan 

Bill Wiggins 

Bill Cahn 

Allen Otte 

Peter Kogan and 

Alan Abel 

Peter and Alan 

Alan Abel 


Hessische Barockpauken 


Restoration and Repair 

Jim Baker, percussionist of the New York City Ballet, recently contacted us to have a pair of Baroque timpani rebuilt. He was very pleased with the work. Below are his comments and photos of the rebuilding process.

Hi Peter,

I have had an opportunity to play a lot of Bach on the drums so far and they are fantastic! They really sound great in the repertoire I use them for. At Trinity Baroque Orchestra here in New York we play cantatas every week so I am getting a chance to hear and feel them in context and its really wonderful. I will be playing a bunch of Messiahs and Bach's Christmas music coming up so they are being well used! The props department guys at my theater, who are each master craftsmen (carpenters, welders, etc.) are all knocked out by the craftsmanship of the drums and are very impressed! The drums sound great and work wonderfully well. The look of them is also really special. I am very happy.

Thanks so much again.



Peter Kogan Timpani 

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